Home Theater Furniture

Now a month has passed since our last post.  Between working and tending to some unexpected family health matters, our beloved Onkyo AVR is still functioning as little more than a highly regarded conversation piece in our living room.  We thought we might try again today to set it up, and maybe we will.  We would much prefer to be watching DVD’s than the slim pickin’s of programming from the satellite lately.

Between obligations, we have still been able to look around the internet for things.  Our browsing has yielded a general idea of the kind of home entertainment center we would eventually like to have to house the AVR, television, and other home entertainment compontents.  Our tastes are similar, but not exact.  I pictured one of my favorites on my last post.  For $126, it might be a good buy if it’s a well-constructed piece of furniture.

Now hubby has made his first choice:

Home Entertainment Center


The next task is to make sure we don’t lose our links to where we find these favorites, since it will likely be awhile before we make a purchase. 

Links to each of the outlets where our furniture choices can be found are on the WebPixie Shopping page (along with links to shopping places for other things).

It appears that my hubby’s choice is just a bit more economical than mine, at $109.86 today.

I like his choice, but these are just starting points.  The household has other spending priorities at the moment, but tax refund time is not far away!  I have this funny feeling that we may just be picking out the perfect home entertainment center for our new Onkyo AVR very soon.